731. Maijishan Grottoes, China

Buddhist Caves in China

With the epidemic still on and the vaccine still making its rounds, well there seems to be time on our hands… still. Lucky for us, the world seems to be an infinitely fascinating place and if we can’t get out to see all of it, well at least there’s Google and the internet that can shed a light on all the fascination. Let’s go to China today shall we? Maiji Shan, China: the name of the place means haystacks which is what the large outcropping of rock with its bushy adorning vegetation looks like, a haystack.

Maijishan Floating Caves

Regarding the Maiji Shan Grottoes there’s plenty to be fascinated with. For one, it’s in Central China on the Silk Road, the famous trade route that connected inland China with the rest of the world. You know Marco Polo and all that. Another thing… There’s 194 caves and 7,200 Buddhist’ statues. No, that’s not a typo… 7,200!! And there’s an East and a West face set of caves with evidently the center section getting lost through an earthquake. Nature = dumb.

So there it is… a dot on the map waiting for you to visit. Hang out in a cave, contemplate on a Buddha or the many bodhisattvas, climb the stairs, keep your vertigo in check, enjoy the view and ponder what led the folks many moons ago to create it? If you had a time machine DeLorean you’d have to go back to 400 CE. Not sure the difference between CE and AD but I’m still pretty sure it’s 1,600 odd years ago and that’s a long long time.

The Maiji Shan Grottoes. China of all places. Another fascinating spot in the world that should go on the list of places to see. However for now… travel with me, in our minds. A good thing.

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