732. Relationships You Count On

The Power of Relationships

I remember being in my 30’s in the work place wondering why it seemed that the older folk made such a big deal about relationships. The importance of them. Sure there are people in my personal life I love dearly. That will always be there, but why go on and on and on about how relationships are so important?? Seems a bit touchy feely eh?

Love is a Tepid Thing

There are those people you know will always show up in the good times and the bad. They will always be there. There’s permanence and comfort in that. Seek to also be that for others. Immediate family comes to mind, you aren’t going anywhere, nor are they. It’s not a given certainly and ever close relationship needs fostering. Love is a choice but there’s some relationships you know you can count on. You’ll continue making that choice the rest of your life and so will they. There’s both power, comfort, and kindness in that.

This isn’t the most cogent or coherent of my posts. Truth be told, I’ve been in a little of a funk lately. And the good things haven’t been naturally rolling out daily. I just haven’t felt it. But today, this is the only good thing thought that occurred to me. The one singular thing I could come up with. People and the people you want and choose to be in your life regardless. And they do the same for you. Now that is a good thing, through good times and bad, thick and thin.

Check It!

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