736. Polar Bears

Polar Bears are Cool on Ice

There ain’t no bear like a snow bear. Let’s face it, anyway you look at it, Polar Bears are cool. I mean a Grizzly just strikes fear in you. A black Bear can also be scary but might not be taken quite as serious. But the Polar Bear has some oafish grace about it. A cuteness to be respected of course but a cuteness nonetheless. It feels like you could watch them all day. And they’ve become the poster child for taking global warming, the sea rising, and the ice caps melting seriously. What with their swimming in the open ocean searching for some ice to get up on…. seems like it’s an issue and you’d have to be super tuned out to not have the feels for the modern polar bear’s plight.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg.

And who doesn’t love a baby seal. The arctic ones that come out on the ice and they are covered with white Fur and those cute black doe eyes. Everyone loves a baby seal and no one wants to see them getting clubbed or mauled or even having an unpleasant day or awkward social interaction. We love baby seals. However, if anyone gets to have their way with a baby seal, for me at least, if it’s the polar bear…. hey, I’ll give them that. Hard to hate on a bear for just needing to survive, baby seal or not. The Polar Bear gets a pass.

And they live the meme life!!

They are funny and let’s also face up to the facts… they make for some damn fine art, the Polar Bears.

Uhmmm we ain’t done yet. More cool Polar Bears.

And eventually when all is right in the world, we’ll figure out how to launch Polar Bears into space and colonize the moon with them… and some ice. Because that’s nice.

Polar Bears in Space

The Polar Bear. Indeed a good thing.

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