738. Derry Girls

Derry Girls of Northern Ireland

Well it seems 2020 has been replaced by all the hope we had built up for something new, a different year, the dawning of a new age and era…. 2021. But alas it seems someone swapped out one of the zero’s and just replaced it with a 1. Meet the new boss, just the same as the old boss. Same shite different day of the old calendar. So the pandemic continues, war had been waged on our nation’s capital and all the same shows we’ve already binged on the Flix and the Prime are still there. The ones we haven’t binged are still sitting there with about 3 minutes of the first episode ticked off before we realized this is complete shite & not worth my time. Enter the Derry Girls.

Tbe Derry Girls, Brit James, Dramatic Clare, Crass and Brass Michelle, Sweet Main Girl Erin, and Off The Wall Orla McCool.

So think of Derry Girls as the LetterKenny of Northern Ireland. As LetterKenny catches the country quirks of rural Canada so too does Derry Girls captures the industrial port town of Londonderrry/Derry. Where is that you may very well ask? Good question.

The Emerald Isle
Northern Ireland
Derry on the River Foyle
Derry Proper

The girls along with their one Brit guy cousin abandoned by his Mom in Derry attend an all girl’s (almost) Catholic School watched over by Sister Michael and there’s not one dull moment. Soundtracked with The Corrs, The Cranberries, and oddly enough the Canadian reggae-rapper Snow… “Informer.” You owe it to yourself to escape reality, the reality of 2021, in the world of the Derry Girls. You won’t regret it and you’ll laugh a long time at the random irreverence.

The Cast of the Derry Girls

A good thing.

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