741. The Senses


Sense of Touch

Quite frankly I’m a bit worried for that cat above. Sure it’s depicting the sense of touch but there’s a look on that guy’s face and I just don’t think it’s gonna end well.


The Sense of Sight by Anna Louisa Robinson Synnerton

Think of the things you have seen. Each day there is something beautiful to find. You just have to find it.


The Sense of Hearing

Imagine the ability to hear was taken away for a month, or two, and then that first time having it restored.

Now imagine your dog gained the ability to talk. Hmmm, I think if my two retrievers did that I’d want to lose the gift of hearing before too long. “Food, food, food, now.” I won’t take these things for granted after all but I will joke about them.


The Sense of Smell

Think of the things you have smelled deeply, nostalgia scents. Mine, on a front porch in Texas as storms were getting ready to roll in… that fresh wetness in the air. Baked bread in Germany. And fresh pine sticky with life.


I’ll fight you for this!!

I seriously would not mess with that guy above. It must be some really good porridge.

Think about those things you love to taste, fresh hot tortillas, chili dark chocolate, melted cheese, so many things…. and it’s tied into sustenance, feeding the body. Pretty cool we get to feed with fuel and enjoy the taste before it goes to work providing us energy to burn.

Still, don’t mess with that guy above.

The 5 Senses, how we explore and experience the world about us, the elevation of the singular in its whole. Life. Those senses, a good thing.

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