739. Stones’ “Some Girls”

The Rolling Stones’ “Some Girls”

The year was 1978. I was 10 growing up in Grapevine, Texas. Jim Jones took about 900 of his friends for a vacay down in Jonestown, French Guyana, South America. Little escape from the Bay Area and all that hustle and bustle. 10 years of age must be that period where movies first have an impact on you. Because I distinctly remember going to see Grease in the theaters three times. I was also pretty enamored with “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” seeking out enough mashed potatoes to build a little Devil’s Tower out of it. And The Bee Gees and Saturday Night Fever. The freaking Bee Gees!!!

There are some bands I know mostly from their Greatest Hits albums. Fleetwood Mac, The Beach Boys, Steve Miller & his Band, Elton and Billy, the Eagles, and of course The Stones. To be fair, I did really get to know them through Tattoo You. I must have had the vinyl I’m thinking… possibly the 8-track. Those who know me, know I pick the Stones over the Beatles every time. And when it comes to greatest rock band of all times…. I go with AC/DC but it would be hard to not give it to the Stones, all things considering. I mean the Stones were definitely the cooler of the two, so cool, so cool.

Some Girls, Track by Track

Miss You
When The Whip Comes Down
Just My Imagination
Some Girls
Far Away Eyes : LOL Mick
Before They Make Me Run, they let Keith sing, so cute
Beast of Burden
Look at Me, I’m in Shatters / Does it Matter? Sho doo bee!!

Rolling Stones’ Some Girls. Such a good thing.

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