742. Color


I came across this image above searching for a color wheel. Not just any color wheel but a cool color wheel. And bam… up pops a colorized rose. Not sure if it’s a dyed actual rose, digitized picture of a rose with the colors added by a photoshop wizard or a painting. Either way it’s the perfect lead in for the power of color in our lives. I mean, you kinda get lost in the color of that image. Love it.

There’s a lot Going on Here

And it all starts with red, blue, and yellow, primarily speaking. Mix those together and you get some off-shoots, secondarily, purple, orange, and green. Then arrange them by hue in a big old circle and you can start doing some fascinating things, fascinating pairings. Colors opposite from one another pair well, complimentary. Then colors next to each other pair to give your another feeling,,, that of a close relationship. Draw a triangle or rectangle and you get some contested pairing. Fascinating. But more interesting to me is the effect of color on moods. A lot of intentional marketing stuff is done through the psychology of color and it’s push and pull it has on our life outlook and this actions.

The Emotions of Color

Above you have both the positive and potentially negative impacts of colors. It all depends which tint or tincture you find yourself in at any given time I suppose. And now even more interesting the symbology of color, the branding of each color. Just like purple is the color of royalty, regal, all things prince-like, so too is white, pure, black, evil. These go deep in our collective human psyche.

Colors, what they stand for yo!!

But really the most interesting part about color is how it can appear intensely in nature and in art.




All together it does certainly convey a feel Ng, a mood. And now for nature.

Ahhhh, color a good thing! Thanks Ma Swinn for bringing color to our worlds.

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