748. Focus on what you have, not what you’ve lost.

The unlost.

Okay, I’m a loser baby! Don’t worry it’s not like that. I have a tendency to lose things. I try to do daily routines to keep this from happening, but happen it does. Not all the time like maybe some of the worst off scatter brains, you know that scientist from Back to the Future or maybe Kramer… couldn’t think of another good scatterbrained pop culture character quite frankly.

Beck’s Loser

So let’s first list some things we’ve lost. We all have right. Some of us more than others. But to be human in this world experience is to experience loss of some degree at one time or another. My losses: relationships that really mattered, a Kindle Fire, car keys (found ‘em), parking place for your car, currently RV keys, so many things. Not sure what it does to regret your losses. Sure acknowledge them but to move on to a higher circle of continuous improvement, learn from the losses and think what you can do next time. Accept those losses and embrace them. It’s life. It will happen again. Sometimes those lost things come back. Sometimes you can have an effect of that. Sometimes you can’t. Move on and focus on what you do have. What you can fill yourself up with, with appreciation. Leave the regret behind. If serves no useful purpose.

Here’s something interesting to do. I did two google image searches for “loss art,” and “gratitude art.” Above are the results for images I liked more than the others. See if you can sift through them and identify which ones come from loss and which ones come from gratitude. Fun, right?

TED Talks on Gratitude amidst Loss

So confession, postings on social media that are super positive or do the prescriptive living stuff bug the living poo out of me. Not sure what that is, but it is so. Like someone else has it figured out and are gracing you with that wisdom. Sounds like a good positive thing. But I find it annoying. I feel somewhat bad for that but so it is. Not intending for this to be one of those things. But this concept weighs heavy with me during these times. Focus on what you have. Learn to leave behind, but learn from it, that which you’ve lost.

I Will Not Take This Things for Granted

I almost forgot, the cross and prayer wheel picture. I got that cross from the Mountain Home AFB when I was maybe 23/24. Now I’m 52 and still have it through several broken chains and leather straps. Through a move to Germany and it falling between seats and re-appearing after being shipped overseas. It has permanence, meaning, deep to me. Not for the brand it represents but for the attachment. The things you can count on. But if it should go missing. That, I should be able to let go.

Focus on what you have, not what you’ve lost. A good thing.

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