749. Playlists: A – Z

Oh the Joy of Spotify: D is 4 Durrtty!!!

So if you don’t do Spotify, I’m sure there’s some way you listen to music these dayz. Apple Music, Pandora, 8-tracks. The beauty of Spotify and whatnot is that it allows musical-obsessives like me to make mix tapes… on freaking steroids. Think the Cusack Actor in Hi Fidelity. Or better yet, the book that movie is based on by Nick Hornby. Yeah, the dude arranges his record collection by alphabet, genre, then the chronological events of his life. Yep, this Spotify Playlist idea is to that level of musical OCD. So take the alphabet, all 26 of them… come up with a word for each letter and match up songs based on that word… either tangentially, band-based names, or thematically…. and just see what kind of diverse ear candy random shit you come up with. That’s the concept.

P 4 Purrr-Fecto!!

So each playlist I’ve highlighted, I’ve made collaborative. Which means you can add songs to it if you so desire. BUTT… this is my big butt we are talking about here. This means no Air Supply, no Bon Jovi, no freaking Bee Gees!!! The trust is real peoples.

V is 4 Viagra!!

Y’all should really play along here for the love of all things musical. The way it works is, for instance, the next playlist, “N is 4 Never,” you can find a band that has Never in its name, find a song that’s not on the list already that has Never in the title… or reach for it and cheat and google “Never and synonyms” and find songs that deal with that general idea and add those songs. That’s it. No freaking Bee Gees!!! That’s super important. And of course, it goes without saying, no freaking Eagles!!!

N is 4 Never!!

So A-Z Playlists, for those killing time and OCD about music… quite a good thing!!

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