750. Ice as Art

So the first part of this post was taken from a walk near where I live in Nampa, Idaho. A sunset walk with the pups near a lake with frost and ice covering everything. I use my IPhone whatever to take these shots and they have a way of bringing out the light elements in darkening environments. I really didn’t know if the pictures were going to turn out as I wasn’t sure there was enough light for clarity. The pictures I take never have filters or effects. I like the world as it is, not as it could be in an alternative reality. The above pictures were taken of the same frozen bush. It was at the start of our hike and luckily while I was taking the pictures a few cars pulled into the parking spot at the trailhead nearby. Lucky me as their head lights illuminated the frozen Bush in interesting ways. Here’s some more:

Love this one. Looks like a whirling dervish.

Might be good to revisit the hike in the high light of day today to see what that type of light might reveal with the natural ice sculptures of Lake Lowell, Nampa, Idaho. Now you’ve seen the amateur trying to catch ice as Art. Here’s what the professionals look like:

Not sure if humankind could come up with art so exquisite. I kinda doubt it. Only nature can do that. Ice as Art. A good thing.

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