751. Californians

Maybe It’s Better This Way

Well it’s high time we brought a bit of controversy back to this Good Things postings. If you aren’t a residence of California, you may be asking yourself right now, how is this going to get to the point where everyone considers Californians a good thing. I get that. I get that. Californians are moving out in droves. But it would be curious to see the data on exports vs. imports in the way of residences of that state.

Feeling California!!

So Cali has the highest mountain in the lower 48, a desert, the country’s largest trees, mountain lakes, skiing, killer beaches, killer sharks, tide pools, Hollywood, music scenes, and culture in spades. There’s also earthquakes, traffic like you are stuck in hell, high cost of living, and the Padres. Just joking, I like the Padres. But it’s got people, Californians. They get blamed when they move to other states for driving up real estate prices, driving crazy, and attempting to bring their culture along with them.

Dance with the Bear, You Get The Fangs.

So why are Californians a good thing? In California and elsewhere? There’s diversity. There’s a well of talent. There’s laid back lifestyles and good food. It’s a beautiful state with beautiful people. Next time a Californian moves into your hood, welcome them, flip their perspective and look for the good. It’s there.

The Great Exodus

So the next time you want to toss shade at a Californian refugee, just remember John Steinbeck was California. And so was Eddie Van Halen.

So like buh bye for now Felecia & remember Californians…. a good thing. Flip that trip baby!


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