753. The Naming of Snow Plows

Darth Spreader!!

So there’s a trend… the naming of snow plows and it’s just so very satisfying. In Scotland and England snow plows are called “Gritters,” from all the grit they spread on the roads. “For Your Ice Only,” “Gangsta Granny Gritter,” “Sir Grits A Lot,” are just some of the better ones. Snow Plows during the winter months make it safe for us all to drive around, drive to Starbucks, get to school, be able to exit our driveways, and strike fear when they pass by in drivers everywhere. Snow Plows. We love them. So much so, they deserve to be named.

Snow Plow Art.

And you can even track where they all are by name in Scotland at any given moment. Yay internet!!

Yes Sir Ice Can Boogie

Wanna know where “Mary Queen of Salt,” or “Gritallica,” is operating right now? Just click it. And are the Scots the only ones having fun with Snow Plow names? Nope, the Brits are in the game and the Americans as well. I have it on good word that “Spready Mercury,” is still up for grabs which naturally makes you lose some faith in the ability of snow plow namers globally. Some snow plow deserves the name of Spready Mercury. It’s an injustice that deserves action.

Random Photo of A Woman in Yoga Pants

And of course to reward the people for their clicks and readership I offer random photos of females in yoga pants, completely thrown in for free!

The Two-Bunned Man in Yoga Pants

And to prove this is a complete equal opportunity blog, I also offer Men in Tights pictures as well. In a nod to the female readership out there, why should there just be random pictures of gals in yoga pants? Shouldn’t there be random shots of men equally clad? Yes, yes there should. It’s only fair after all.

American Snow Plow Names. British Snow Plow Names. What’s your favorite moniker for a snow plow? Comment below. The Naming of Snow Plows. Like picking out a wand in a Harry Potter Book, there’s one that perfectly fits no doubt. The naming of plows. A good thing.

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