755. The Decision Not To Nuke The Moon

Nuking The Moon

I think when we are considering good things, it’s high time we considered nuking the moon. Even just saying it is fun, “Nuking The Moon.” Go on try it out. See how it rolls off the tongue… Nuking The Moon. Say it. Say it!!! Fun no? Fun yes? Yes. Yes, is the right answer peeps.

Nuking The Moon

So you may just think this is some Lovecraftian Sci Fi Dystopian fictional alternate reality tale, but no, no it’s not. We wished mankind never considered launching some nuclear rockets and blowing up the moon just to show another country that’s it’s possible, but once upon a time, it was an actual thing.

Cold War Nuking

So the Russians were planning to carry out their version of Nuking the moon. Of course they did. That’s what the Soviets did right? America wouldn’t stoop so low to consider Nuking the moon to smithereens? Wait, did someone say The Smithereens?? I think they did…

Blood & Roses

Let’s get serious shall we? When the Cold War was raging and the space race was on The Soviets beat us to space with Sputnik. It circled the earth pinging and playing on radios and from what I heard from my Paw Paw you could see it each and every night crossing the West Texas sky amidst the wash of the Milky Way. It was a thing.

The Moon

So the US of the AF had a plan… Project A119, nuking the moon. It was a plan to launch a nuclear rocket and blow it up on the surface of the moon, timed just right so the Soviet’s could witness it in their night sky. Scary, very scary. So of course the Soviet’s had their own thing because someone over there no doubt thought… Nuking the moon… how cool is that, we want to play too!!! Project E-1, 2, & 3 because everyone needs a cool project name, the Soviet’s were in the game of blowing up that cheese. That night time cheese.

So why didn’t it happen? Well, probably because it was an extremely dumb freaking idea in the first place! We like the moon. It gives us something to look at at night. It controls the tides. It is an excuse for space exploration. Why would we want to radiate that orb?

So at some point the decision was made to not nuke the moon. Yeah humanity!!! It’s a good thing. Not nuking the moon. A good thing!!!

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