756. Costa Freaka Rica

Costa Rican Street Art

What do we know of Costa Rica and the culture there without visiting and finding kit for ourselves? I think a constant theme here in the Good Things is that during a Global Pandemic, we can escape a bit in our minds by thinking of interesting places to visit and the people who live there. And especially how those people create art, why?, and what it looks like and how it might reflect their culture and perspective. Interesting, no? We’ll take a trip with me, won’t ya?

CR Arty Stuff

We went on a vacay there. Stayed in the rain forest jungle near an active volcano, did the sky bridges, went zip lining though the canopy, drove all over the country, stayed near the beach, visited some international park on the beach, there were monkeys, stayed in San Jose… capital of Costa Rica. Bit I can’t say I know it, truly. How could you unless you live in a place for a few years. It isn’t practical unless you make it so.

Top Things In CR!!

What does Costa Rica’s art reveal about their culture? Let’s see shall we.

CR Art

Well, the Costa Ricans seem to be a happy lot. I mean why wouldn’t you be happy to live & love in Central America? Many Americans have already claimed Costa Rica as their new country in retirement. It doesn’t sound too bad.

Costa Freaka Rica. Una cosa buena!!!

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