757. Crowded Houses

Crowded Houses

What’s to be made of this one? Crowded houses? It could be a band from like New Zealand or Australia. It could be the state of a small house stuffed with people. It also could be a bunch of houses all crowded together. Where are we going with this peoples??

Better Be Home Soon

Somewhere deep inside,
Something’s got a hold on you.
And it’s pushing me aside,
See it stretch on forever.

And I know I’m right,
For the first time in my life.
That’s why I tell you,
You’d better be home soon.

Stripping back the coats,
Of lies and deception.
Back to nothingness,
Like a week in the desert.

And I know I’m right,
For the first time in my life.
That’s why I tell you,
You’d better be home soon.

Crowded House

Yeah that’s right, straight out of Melbourne, Australia, Neil Finn’s Crowded House. The very criminally underrated band Crowded House that had a few radio and MTV hits in the 80’s, maybe into the 90’s. They really didn’t receive all that much attention until PJ’s Eddie Vedder started touting and extolling the virtues of leading House Neil Finn. I think they even did some Australian tour together and then all that great music they made captured on a few cassette tapes came flooding back. If you haven’t taken a deep dive into their catalog lately, you really owe it to yourself this holiday season.

Crowded Houses Tights? Could this be a thing?

So onto what this post is really about, the crowded houses that occur with large families around this time of year. That’s right, that small house we all grew up in with a big ass Christmas Tree that there ain’t enough room to sit around without grabbing someone’s lap and just plopping that ass right down. And you step over everyone and all the boxes and wrapping just to grab yourself some more Rotel Velveeta Cheese dip because you can and it’s just so freaking delicious!!

Maybe this is the crowded house??

We had one of those houses at Bluebonnet Drive… Grapevine in the fair district of Tarrant.. in the lands of the Texico!! Yep, have no idea the square footage of that humble abode that Ma Sarah J. Swinn still calls home but man… we could stuff ‘em in… around the holidays. Sure your last name didn’t have to be Swinney to join in the equivalency of stuffing as many people as possible into one of those British classic red phone booths or some hippy VW Bug. Nope, you could be a Ross, a Ward, a Daigh… we didn’t care none. And each year the brothers Swinn would jump on the roof late at night to play Santa’s reindeer scaring up a whole host of noise while playing Bruce Christmas songs on the trusty boom box. Worked every time. Who knew the Boss was on regular rotation with Mr. Klaus??

See now is the time where I grow weary of this post and this writing endeavor and just post the pics I found online and claim the thing is a good thing. So let’s do that shall we? Crowded Houses, a damn good thing!!!

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