759. Creation Vs. Evolution



… or this:


Debating whether the world was created by some divine being or simply evolved through the hand of science is still all the rage. That talk don’t get old. We go back and forth on how to talk to the dichotomy of the two theories to our kids. Do we teach creationism in the schools? Do we let them know about Darwinism and all that survival of the fittest and primordial soul jazz? Go find yourself someone who has opposing viewpoints as your own on the subject and just talk and talk and talk until both of y’all see clearly eye to eye. It’s super fun and a really productive good use of time for a weekend or year. Go on, try it.

Now see how much fun that was? What’s even more fun is when we try to legislate curriculum nationally around the subject and get to have a huge big ass trial that was more of rager back in the day then the OJ-Nichole Simpson murder trials. Super fun right? Now click on the image or the words below to learn about that stuff.

July 21, 1925. The Edward Stokes “Monkey” Trial

Now wasn’t that a whole bunch of fun? A regular barrel of monkeys one could say. A good thing.

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