764. Huskies

The Husky of Siberia

Let’s face it when it comes to dog breeds, Huskies are pretty kick ass. No, we aren’t talking about The University of Washington Huskies whose school color is inexplicably purple. That ain’t the Huskies we be throwing down here Dawg!!! Huskies come in all sorts of varieties, shapes and sizes, colors, hell some of them even have different colored eyeballs!! Siberian, maybe American/Alaskan with the Malamute, ones from Samoya…. Samoyeds right? Labrador, Greenland, Chinook. Hell you can even shrink them down with a miniaturized version. Honey, I shrunk the Husky. Outta be a movie.

Jack London even wrote a book about them in The Call of the Wild. Check it…. out… from the library you know. I’m sure they have it there.

So this brings us to the age old debate that’s been going on since the dawn of man. Yep, that’s right, Huskies or Golden Retrievers. You may or may not know but consider this, we have two Golden Retrievers. So here we go:

Husky with something Blue on his head?
Blue Retriever?

Ha!!! LOL, LoL-ster right? I know, I know. Not even a contest of course. Golden Retrievers win that one every single time!!!!!!! Every damn time.

Snow Dogs. Huskies. All good things.

Remember, Golden Retrievers: great things & we don’t have a list going for that yet. So Huskies: good things. Peace out.

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