769. Whimsy

What’s the difference between whimsy and quirk??

Whimsy is light, it’s quaint and it can carry some poignancy to it. Quirk is usually just odd, kinda weird. Whimsy is Quirk’s younger prettier cousin that gets all the dates and who everyone fawns over at the ball while quirk is hanging out darkly in the corner just satisfied to be the coolest kid on the block.

Whimsy is Death Cab for Cutie.

This is the Sound of Settling

Quirk is definitely They Might Be Giants.

Ana Ng, TMBG’s

Occasionally you get a 2-fer, quirk and whimsy all in one, like in Denton Town’s own “Bowling for Soup.” More than you bargained for.

No Hablo Ingles

Now enjoy your Sunday and be easy in your soul…. like a Sunday morning. Let whimsy find your heart. Here. Look at this art.

Let the cares float above you, light, carried aloft by a whimsical steam, subtle with subtlety, disappearing. Whimsy. A good thing.

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