770. Discovering the Cool

Cool Man Cool

You know how it is, you’ll know it when you see or hear it. Discovering the “cool” is something personal, something that is uniquely yours, a carbon signature of your tastes & what you connect with. Cool. Cool.

So Cool

And it can be art, a place, music, some small discovery you weren’t even seeking out. The cool in the everyday. Sometimes you go looking for it but sometimes it just discovers you. And ain’t that special!!

P.O.S. Minneapolis Rapper

P.O.S. The hip hopper from Minnesota has a story to tell.

A self-taught bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, and drummer, P.O.S. (which stands for a variety of things, including Product of Society, Piece of Sh*t, and Promise of Skill) spent most of his childhood influenced by the energy of punk, drumming for Cadillac Blindside and singing and playing guitar for Building Better Bombs.

Filled with political rhymes and anarchist attitude, We Don’t Even Live Here followed on the label in 2012. He retreated from the music scene for a few years after being sidelined by kidney issues (he received a transplant in 2014) and made his return in 2016 with the song “sleepdrone/superposition,” which featured Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, the Julie Ruin), Lizzo, Allan Kingdom, and his son, Hard_R. His fifth full-length, Chill, Dummy, arrived at the start of 2017.

Chill Dummy

Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the drone of the day in and day out. Cool is out there to be had, to pepper your life. To salt your start. Look for it or just let it find you. Here are some things I find cool. Discovering the cool. A good thing.

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