773. 139 / 125

“…know my anxious thoughts…”

“…both now & forevermore…”

The Battle of Evermore

These days of frozen tendrils stretched taut,

With ice and fire and fear waiting for the thaw,

To unleash unheard of horrors, a force unfelt.

And the smooth silken waters we carry in our minds,

Stored up against our souls are memories,

Of something, some days, that no longer breathe.

And a dark God looms in the lees, waiting to guide and control and crawl into,

Every nook and cranny of life, that it leaves no escape.

He sees you when you are sleeping, he knows when you are awake?

I mean what in the good holy diver is that aboot???

Let me sleep, let me be.

At peace from a brooding eye, who summons the sun, for the lakes of ice to be undone,

Washing the world away in this apocalyptic year.

Let us be. Let us be.

Oh to fear here in this valley I walk,

This garden where dark things grow,

And creep and scheme to steal away the quiet lull of peaceful dreams,

Oh fear not dear and sleepful peace if complacent seas as the tides gather,

The crow turns to deliver that final watchful blow,

And what if not vengeance has been reigned upon us?

Leave, leave dark Gods.

Leave us alone now.

In peace.

To dream these dreams.

Once again.



Leave by R.E.M.

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