774. Bring on the Quirk

Quirk is Interesting

I say bring on the quirk. It makes life more interesting. Quirky people do & say the most quirky things. It stands to reason.

The Queen of Quirk

Go recruit a quirky person to work with. Out of the box thinking: check. Always keeping meetings interesting: check. Wear some crazy ass shit to work: checkity check. Can I get the check please? That was a quirky thing to say.

Helena Bonham Carter

Quirky art?

Quirky comedians?

Garth & Kat
Stephen Wright
Mitch Hedberg
Kristen Schaal

Quirky beauty? Is there such a thing?

So don’t hide it. Let your quirk flag fly. Make the world a more interesting place today. Not sure how to be quirky exactly? Well there’s a WikiHow article to help you out.

So get your quirk on. A good thing.

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