778. Stones

Carbonate Mountain Stones

I have a tradition on hikes to pick up a few stones. They tell stories. These are from the high point we reached (the pups and I) on the Carbonate Mountain hike above Hailey, Idaho. The hike is highly recommended for anyone to take all four seasons if your in the area. One would think when you have a post called Stones of course it’s about the Rolling Stones. Which both these Stones and those Stones who roll are equally old. But they keep rolling.

The Route above Hailey, Idaho (Carbonate Mountain)

One would think these stones would be composed of Carbon. The hike is called Carbonate but truth be told, I’m not sure. Down lower on the hike there were these awesome rocks mostly dark with white stripes of granite running through them. Idaho is a Geologist’s heaven on earth with how many rocks there are here. The Sawtooths’ National Recreation Area alone has all these different layers, batholiths, with a majority of them exposed in naked stone, jagged. You have to see it to believe it. Go there. You won’t be sorry you did.

Sure there are more colorful stones out there worthy of collecting, worthy of painting. But those stones are mine. I’ll give one away each to the fam as a way to share what I love with who I love. It’s a thing. At least one goes in my office to rest there with the other still stones who also tell stories. I love it.

The good thing is that there are plenty of more stones out there to be picked up, remembered. To tell stories. Stones, a good thing.

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