784. Freedom

What does Freedom Mean to You??

Freedom does not come for free. There’s no free lunch. Everything in life comes at a cost, nothing is free. So many well-worn adages and aphorisms regarding freedom that the synergistic effect almost gets us to win-win-win!

We all know why the caged bird sings and it ain’t just to hear his song. That bird longs for freedom. And why is it so easy to take for granted in our space, in our communities, in our lives? It’s hard to truly appreciate something you possess. Easy to take freedom for granted.

Raging for Freedom

Let’s see what some of the best minds of our generation have had to say about freedom. George Michael? Pharrell Williams? Beyoncé & Kendrick Lamar? And let’s not forget about the great American, the soothsayer of American Freedom Neil Young!! What have we learned from focusing on Freedom as a good thing? Well if you use the Googles and try to look up artwork about Freedom, you will get a bunch of images that had to do with Freedom of Expression and especially wanting to free up your body image to the world if you are a woman!!! Bonus!! And isn’t Freedom just another word for nothing left to loose?? Thanks Chill Chumz!

We are Americans and as a first world democracy maybe our sense of freedom has grown entitled and lazy. No one wants to hear that or have it pointed out but just as sure as hell don’t tell us who we can vote for, what we can wear in public, limit our expression, take away our right to bear arms (and lots of them too)…. then we gots problems. There’s another saying and it goes something like this, “Enjoy the warmth of your freedom, the security you have for your family and children, warm where you are, knowing that dark men do dark things in the dark of night for that very freedom.” Dark right? But also darkly true.

I would say that freedom is fleeting and must be fought for it. For when it’s gone, you will know it and wished you fought harder for it, in your personal lives and in your professional lives. In my mind we have it good in America. Freedom. Least we forget. A good thing.

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