785. Bowie & Fake Bowie

Aladdin Sane & 1 of his sane quotes!!

One may leave the debate, yeah that’s right the debates about the lasting legacy that is David Bowie up to professionals, those that know things about the rock and roll and the freaky deaky goodness by the mind that understood music and it’s effect… & influence. But what fun would that be to let Chucky Klosterman and the MSMM write about Bowie. What do they know??? Oh BTW MSMM stands for mainstream music media. Kinda proud of that one right there if I must say so.

It’s probably best to leave Bowie’s legacy in the hands of two comedians from New Zealand, Brett or Britt & Jemaine, otherwise known as the Flight of the Conchords. Now they know Bowie, all the iterations Of Bowie… from the Thin White Duke to Ziggy Stardust to Labyrinth. They know Bowie. But until you know Bowie I’m not really sure why we are wasting our mutual time with all this Bowie wankery.

Okay Ma Sarah Liz J. Swinney, did ya click on all those Bowie images above and listen to the many faces and sounds of one David Bowie?? he was different, he was unique, he was fiercely freaky, he was his own entity, he was under pressure, he was Bowie, David Bowie.

And again Ma, click and listen above. Bowie was inspired by Little Richard, who he saw in concert with another band opening up called The Rolling Stones. Fast forward to Bowie being the inspiration for Lady Gaga and the gift keeps giving and paying it forward. Who was Bowie? The Changeling? Hard to say really when he morphed throughout his career into so many different things. But through all the personality modifications and characters he played, there was always great music. His career and music deserves so many greatest hits compilations that it ain’t even funny!! You see me laughing now? No, no you don’t!

This is probably the last photos taken of Bowie. He must have known his time on earth was limited when he made his last album BlackStar (2016). Maybe we should mourn the loss. “Sorry for your loss! Sorry for your loss!!” – Amy Schumer. But prob Bowie is coming back like Lazarus did and is only a Spotify or YouTube search away. I suspect Bowie would just want us to dance the days away. So Let’s Dance shall we. A good thing.

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