786. Spirituality w/o it being a UFO Death Cult

Maybe not so Kulty

I think we can all agree and share some common values here for the most part. On the religious spectrum from atheism to agnostic to doubting Thomas’es & Tina’s to Catholicism to worshipping a head of cabbage to belonging to a UFO Death Cult… the death cults are slightly extreme and may not be all that conducive to eternal life, at least life as we know it.

The Moviehttps://youtu.be/Ur8UgpvRPXU

Just so you won’t think I’ve completely lost it (yes Sarah, I’m talking to you) up in the Idaho mountains during the dead of winter during 2020 Covid apocalyptic times…. there is a reason God and religion and spirituality has been on my mind. Isn’t it a lifetime pursuit for all of us? I think so whether you call it spirituality or religion or seeking, its human nature to wonder if there’s something more to this existence than just meets the eye. Surely there is more here than this? Surely life has some meaning beyond the here and now? See, thoughts.

I forgot my mouthwash!!!

Whether it’s the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in Oregon or that crazy David Koresh in Waco and his wacky Branch Davidians or even a place as sophisticated as the San Fran Bay Area and Jim Iomes and those crazy kool aid kidz in Guyana. The People’s Temple. It seems cults are all the rage these days but I’m here to help never fear.

UFO Death Cult Warning Signs

View this as but a helpful guide:

1. Most UFO Death Kults may misspell the word cult & have this OCD fascination with the music of Styx, David Bowie, House of the Rising Sun, or that one song about Children of the Sun. You know the one.

Stay away from Freaky Space Shit Music

2. If your new church’s first sunrise service is anywhere near Roswell, New Mexico, Area 51, or rural ass train tracks, Devil’s Mountain South Dakota…. route 666, you may be in a UFO Death Cult.

Now you can believe me that UFO alien cults are a Thang

I feel like this is some helpful advice from someone other than myself:

Amazon Review on The Emdless

join a UFO death cult! (but if you hang out with one, don’t stay long!)

If you are a fan of horror sci-fi and well Indi films , then this one is for you! This pseudo slow burn starts off with an intimate view of the lonely life of two brothers as they try to function in a traditional society after being raised in a UFO death cult hippy commune. They decide to visit the commune after receiving a mysterious message from one of the members, and the story picks up the pace leading to one hell of a climax. There are wonderful twists and turns throughout, along with dollops of dry humor in just the right places. The bond between the two brothers feels real, as does the terrifying reality in which they find themselves in.

3. If your church (cult) leader high priest or priestess is too freaky charismatic, just say no. Does, at first, he or she, seem to be overly concerned with precious bodily fluids, also no. Do they talk about the next life like it will be some dream like heavenly existence that is somehow better then all you got going on day to day? Better be worried.

4. Do they talk too much about blood and washing yourself in it and also pretend they are eating bodies when everybody knows it’s just a ritz cracker, be concerned!

5. Do they somehow think a day will come when all the faithful will be whisked away to the heavens on some great beam of heavenly light?? Be afraid. Very afraid!!

I mean let’s get real here, what you are really trying to avoid here is some type of alien abduction because those rarely ever go well! The aliens seem to want to do some tests and are probably focused on your genitalia and reproductive organs… and not in a body positive healthy way mind you!! Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!!

Watch this Mom!!!

What have we learned here today and why is this a good thing? Well any organized religion when you take a good long hard cold light of day look at it, is going to seem like a cult. When that cult wants you to fly to Guyana or hole up in a Waco compound, run!! But somehow it is hopeful at the end of the day, that people still want to believe. Despite rhyme and reason. Chalk it up to faith. Sooner or later it comes down to that. A good thing.

Billy Joel Greatness

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