788. Belize This: A Window

Spray Paint Poster, Belize

How best to understand the “other?” The other place, the other’s world, the other’s viewpoint? History, art, literature, perspective: culture. How important is this to understanding the life and times of how others around the globe live? Pretty darn important I think, when the world and it’s resources are shrinking through the advancement of technology that lands a person from Belize or Haiti or Costa Rica right inside your domicile through your computer. How to understand the other? Culture is key I think.

What could be understood about the Central American country of Belize through their art? Well, it appears they like bright colors, they have water and beaches, and maybe just maybe they are happy with their lot in life.

Their ethnicity seems diverse. Their outlook whimsical and playful. And their country seems resource rich with bio-diversity. I think I’d like this place. Seems like I could be pretty happy there, warm surrounded by warming hearts. Wished I was there now in fact.

Let’s see if what pictures and maps show the place to be matches up with that culture’s self-perception through their art?

What about wildlife and the animals?

Well my bags are already packed and I’m gone… to Belize, if only in my mind. A beautiful country, a beautiful people, a beautiful culture. Good art. Good things.

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