790. Keeping it in Balance.

Everything I learned Useful in Life was from Two Golden Retrievers

These pups have obviously cracked the code on how to survive a global pandemic in high fashion & comfort. Sure every now and then they lick their own butt’s, but isn’t that a small price to pay for being the poster child bro and sis paring for global chill-axing??? Maybe they got something figured out?.?

You could try to juggle it all??

And maybe you won’t go down without a fight to keep your work-life balance during work at home-Zoom-Meet-WebEx-Covid times. Maybe you find yourself interacting in entirely different ways with your co-workers in different ways from afar, from the distance that collaborative workspace online meeting provide, than if y’all were all up in each other grills in-person old-school style?? Maybe, just maybe?? But Covid. Covid. How do we navigate these tricky times & still keep our sense of a work-life balance?? Through flexible work scheduling, that’s how. The line between our personal & professional lives have seriously been blurred during quarantine days & nights. And let’s face it, we ain’t going back anytime soon.

Work-life balance, there’s solace in music, even while being productive
Alice in Wonderland
Rorsarch, whadda ya see???

So now you got the super trendy, but super weird art shit side of this blog. Am I right or am I right? What to make now of the messaging?? There’s gotta be a point here?? Where’s the music??? Where’s the lyrics??? Patience young padawan, patience. The force is indeed strong with this one!!

So Covid and work-life (out of balance) has left you feeling like this image above?? When you feel like that you should be feeling like this below….

Go on. Embrace change. Listen to all the musics… and find your happy place during Covid. Even if that means it’s work-life (out of balance) and it all blends into one. That too can be a good thing. Peace out!!

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