805. A State of Love & Trust…

As Trust Hangs…

State of love and trust as I busted down the pretext.
Sin still plays and preaches, but to have an empty court.
And the signs are passing, grip the wheel, can’t read it.
Sacrifice receiving the smell that’s on my hands.


And I listen for the voice inside my head?
Nothing, I’ll do this one myself.
Lay her down as a priest does, should the Lord be accounting?

The Poet Surfer, EV

Will it be in my honor, make it pain, painfully quick?
Promises are whispered in the age of darkness,
Want to be enlightened like I want to be told the end!
And the barrel shakes aimed directly at my head.
Oh, help me, help me from myself!!!

The Great MM, Chief Axe-Slinger: PJ

And I listen from both sides of a friend.
Nothing? I’ll do this one myself!


Bass Player Supreme: JA-PJ

Hey, na na na na, hey that’s something.
Hey, na na na na, hey that’s something,
Hey, na na na na, hey that’s something!!

All-Star Rhythm/Lead-Whatev’s: SG

Wanna back away from it all.
And I listen for the voice inside my head!
Nothing?? I’ll do this one myself!!

King O’ The Skins: MFC-SG-PJ

Oh and the barrel waits, trigger shakes,
Aimed right at my head!!??

Won’t you help me!?

Sleep It Off: SG

Help me from myself!!

State of love and trust! A Good Thing!

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