811. OPT 7 Car Kit Cool Lights

Z-Town Boog & his dream Subaru
OPT7 Yo Yo Yo

Z&Me jammed in his Subaru Outback on a recent Father-Son bonding Sesh. It was fly yo yo Homie Yo. He got a gift from G-Ma SJS for his b-day yo!! Ya feel me yo? We drove to the Trap House where we make the Pink Stuff Yo?!!??!! You want some high grade Pepto??? We’ll hook you up Strawberry!!

Uncensored Version (Yo been warned homeless homie!!)

So if you be listening to the Rapz & the hippity hoppitiez… you feel me on this yo!! But grab yo’ drip, stay away from the Drank… the Purple Stuff. Instead lay down the Franklins on my proda… & I don’t mean narcota!! Yo’ having trouble dropping a deuce. Pink Stuff. Good price ya feel me???!! Hit me up. Ya gotta get through the muscle first… that be Z. He be a good thang, yo!!! And the crazy ass light show in his ride. Good Thang!!

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