812. Reppin’ the 2C: Flying M

There is so much about Flying M that checks all my boxes so to speak. One it’s a Coffeeshop. It’s in the name and the brand after all. They sell coffee and even better yet good espresso. They get my drink… espresso machiatto. It ain’t hard and I am not a FANCY man… we’ll maybe, just maybe. When it comes to espresso I do know what I like and have had comically challenging times over the years ordering that thing. You have to laugh at times & just drink whatever you get.

Each Flying M sells shit. They are a place of business after all. It’s all shades of quirky funny shit. And then there’s the deep meaningful shit, followed by the arty shit. They got all that. Another 3 boxes checked.

Each Flying M is kinda like a community town hall, Caldwell, Nampa, Downtown B town. I’ve been going there for years and if your name is Ma Sarah Johnson Swinney or Bro The Salty One Ben… you are most likely gonna wanna but some shit before leaving.

And finally to explain what “Repping the 2C” means. 2C is Canyon County. It’s another world out here and reminds you that the state of Idaho doesn’t revolve around the 1A, Ada County, and the big city of Boise. So here I sit and finish off my fancy man in a tiny cup drink….ahhh… life, the start of the day. That’s some strong shit right there. Put hair on your chest, all packaged up in a tiny cup… so I can stick my pinkie out as I raise it to my lips… ahhhh 2C Caldwell Flying M Coffeeshop… a damn Good and Fine Thing. For fancy people and Idaho Farming Ranching Folk alike.

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