821. The Seven Devils

The Seven Devils, Idaho

Chill man, chill. That’s absolutely what I need right now. Where do I go to get my maximum chill on? Easy. The Mountains. Perhaps any will do but tonight it’s Idaho’s Seven Devils.


The plan, shove all kinds of shit in the car, everything you need and a lot you don’t. Load the retrievers in the back, meet up with 4 people two you know, 2 not as much. And head up.

More of the plan. Sleep in the back of the car with the pups. No funny business mind you. Then wake up early hit the trail. One gal who has recently climbed Ranier plans to do maybe 29 miles. The others maybe 15 to 20. My plan is to stick it out 10 miles maybe and head up the nearest peak. There will be a specific peak that I’ll research that will be easy enough the dogs can get up safely. No class 3 from now on with Kyra and Koufax… only 1 and 2. The Seven Devils all day tomorrow. A balm and salve to the soul. This I need. This is a good thing.

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