822. Freaking Fall!!!

Freaking Fall

Freaking Fall!!! Am I right or am I right?? Leaves, Leggins, & Laaaateeees!! Guuurrrlll I’m stressed & depressed & Pumpkin Spice obsessed!! Can you say Oh My Gourd!!?!!! Hum Hum Hee Hum Hum!! I love how the leaves remind us, “It’s okay to let go!!” Love so many things about Freaking Fall! But also love on this shall you??!!??!!

I wonder what’s you Fall jamz?? What do crave in the Fall? Mine are in no particular order: Aspen Groves in the mountains, making fun of everyone drinking the ‘Bucks’ Pumpkin drinks, cool Fall Morning Runs (cool again…ah), football & Frito Pies. So many more.

Look around you the world is a colorful this time of year!! Just get out there and drink it all in, a Good Thing!!

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