829. The Mankini

What’s Below the Waist??

I mean sure in 2006 it’s hard to imagine this was the advent of the Mankini? With it’s ubiqutous popularity or the Mankini hitting your local City Swimming Pool on the Beaches of South Beach and hell for that matter, most any beach. They have even gotten very popular with YMCA swim teams and Doting Dad’s the country across are trending to wear Mankini’s in the stands to support their kids. They ARE EVERYWHERE!!!

A Trend-setter: Mr. Borat and His Signature Mankini

I mean I even now am comfortable getting my own and rocking it at our Mega Church Swimming Pool or maybe I’ll get re-baptized in one. Who knows?? But the Mankini is definitely a good thing. Be body positive men!!! Rock one with me today. Once I buy mine, I update this page with a picture of my Mankini. So come back here, visit often, refresh the page and see me in a Mankini, no doubt a good thing.

And Now You Know the Rest of the Story

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