828. Jury Duty??

Stanley Likes It

Jury Duty, a Good Thing?? So just finding pictures to post for this “Good Thing,” item, there must have been the first 7 of 10 Google Returns for sure-fire ways to get out of Jury Duty. It’s odd that with you & 11 other people, if you are selected, the decision is in your hands towards innocence or guilt. But some people hate getting called for Jury Duty and do all they can to not get selected. So on to “Voir Dire” and people watching as folks jockey to get out of selection. But when you get called, remember it’s a civic duty and our justice system isn’t perfect but it’s the best we got. it needs your and your wisdom. And if you, one of your friends, or family members ever gets charged with anything, know there are 12 people willing to fairly hear the case and come to some type of fair decision. See Jury Doty, a good thing.

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