835. Education and Training


Education & Training. It’s a lifelong passion of mine. I have seen it’s powerful transformative effects in my life. And others. That’s why I feel grateful just being a part of trying to give education & training to others. It can transform people’s lives to a better place. And a little bit of education & training is addictive. Get a little taste of it and you’ll go out & seek more. Oh, the Places We Can Go. Doctor Seuss.

Accessible to All

College is where many of us find ourselves. I never thought I’d end up at a community college professionally. Always saw myself teaching at a 4-year institution. Have you checked College Professor’s entry pay scale lately? Those jobs don’t pay worth poo!

Teaching About Plumbing

I am so lucky that I get to work with an incredible team of dedicated professionals in the College of Western Idaho’s trades apprenticeship programs. They’d give the shirts off their backs to set up people for a viable hands on rewarding profession as Electricians, Plumbers, & HVAC technicians. This past two weeks have been constant living, breathing, eating how best to launch our Fall Courses for approximately 1,600 apprentice students in the times of Covid. And the team has risen to the challenge tackling all sorts of complexities in program delivery via Zoom so folks can stay safe and virus free. To the last one of them, they have applied innovations and a mode of thinking that embraces, “Oh, there’s a different way we can do this,” and with lean forward great attitudes. Building a plane in the sky. And this past week that plane is flying and we are still building. Love working alongside this team and learning from them everyday!!

The CWI Workforce Development Crew

Who would have known all those years ago it would end up here? At a community college doing something I love? Not me, friends, not me. I thought I’d be flying planes not helping to build educational planes. But I have seen first hand the ability for education & training to take people to better places and it has a lifelong effect. A truly good thing. You no doubt have things you are equally passionate about in your lives. Follow that dream down & find a way to tell your story.

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