844. Two Point Mountain, Idaho

Two Point Mountain

Two Point Mountain in the Boise Mountain Range gets the honors for being the tallest peak in that range weighing in at 10,124 Ft in elevation. Though comparatively that’s not all that much but at least for the view it sure does seem like something to get on top of.

A Route but not the only route.

Because of a gnarly forest road you have to hike down that puppy and not drive unless you had an ATV 4.7 miles before you even get to start climbing in earnest. Makes for a long day. I’ve thought about taking a bike along and biking that but it seems like too much of a hassle. The pups and I are going to give it a go tomorrow early in the morn… just don’t tell Ma Sarah Swinney until we get back down tomorrow evening.

Two Point. Just do it. A good thing.

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