845. Airports


Okay, okay, I know what you are thinking… sure the airport before 9-11 used to be your jam. You loved traveling then but think about this perspective. Sure you have to go through screening. Sure it’s a human cattle call. Sure it’s a pain to strip naked and hold up your hands and reveal all your privates to the world. But if you are lucky you just may get screened by the handsy screener. Today could be your day!!

The Flying Corn Cob Phallic Symbol??

Airports are par excellence for people watching! Hard to refute that and sure they can be a pain in the ass and a severe first world problem that challenges our minuscule first world patience, but they are gateways man, gateways.

Doorways to connect people. People you care about. In the end, isn’t that worth all the pain in the ass? A good thing?

Airports have Art!!

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