846. Walking in LA, or anywhere for that matter

Just Walk

Go read about the great walkabout, “A Walk in the Woods,” by Bill Bryson and of course it’s about taking off on a through hike on the Appalachian Trail, South to North, but it has some things in there about the simple art of walking. The next time you are searching for that perfect parking spot at Target going up and down the aisle looking for that closest spot to minimize the amount you’ll have to walk to get in the front door, ask yourself why? Have we become to hate the act of walking so much that we’ll spend an extra 15 minutes to avoid it? Just find the furthest spot away and see how you feel about getting in those extra steps.

No one walks in LA?

Dale Bozzio almost never walked in LA, so much so that she wrote a song about it. She felt so strongly about it that she donned clear plastic suits and shiny bras to cover up the ta ta’s and tried to get all the punk new wavers to never walk in the city of angels. All just wasted breath? You can walk in LA, maybe not East LA or Watts because of the mugging and all, but still get you a good pair of shoes and just walk man, walk.

I did a 5.5 mile walk back to the hotel last night and got back at 10pm. What temperature was it at 10pm you may very well wonder? One Hundred and Two freaking degrees Fahrenheit. But it’s a dry heat, a dry heat and I don’t regret a second of it. Wanna burn calories and lose a bit of weight. Don’t quite feel up to running? Well just aimlessly walk around. Get your 10K steps a day or 20K. It will make a difference.

The Art of Walking

The next time you have the choice of uber-ing back or hoofing it, just walk man, just walk. It’s a good thing.

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