848. The Wrigley Mansion, Phoenix

The Wrigley Mansion

This is in Phoenix and evidently was an anniversary gift from the Chicago’s Wrigley’s, Mr. Wrigley to Miss Wrigley. That’s right the Wrigley Field Wrigley’s, chewing gum magnate. So the question remains if you go to this mansion to visit or book it for a wedding, is chewing gum encouraged?? I can’t see them having a ban on it. That just seems wrong to me.

Watch this.

Wrigley Mansion, a breathtaking landmark originally constructed in 1932 by chewing gum personality William Wrigley Jr., was thoughtfully designed as a 50th anniversary gift to his beloved wife, Ada. Sitting at the top of a hill, The Mansion commands the best views in Phoenix showcasing the mountains and the city below. Its architecture includes curated elements of Spanish, California Monterey and Mediterranean styles. Original tiles still grace The Mansion, having been shipped from the Wrigley family’s tile factory on Catalina Island and carted up they hill by donkey.

Once sold by the Wrigley family in 1973, it changed hands several times. In 1992, as the city of Phoenix was planning to tear it down to make room for condos, the late Geordie Hormel and his wife Jamie fell in love with the property and purchased it. Together they restored it with the intention of sharing its inherent magic with everyone.

Tile Everywhere

If you are really into the Wrigley family and want to visit one landmark it should most definitely be Wrigley Field in Chicago because you know baseball and all. Now listen to some Robert Earl Keen sing about Arizona.

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