847. The Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden

The Saguaro is Cool

I suppose you don’t have to go to Burning Man or Coachella to find out what’s in the desert. If you used just those two points of references you may think the desert just offers up scantily clad new age hipsters on X or whatever they do and a bunch of jam band music. The desert is so much more than that!!

Chihuly Grows in the Desert

You may find it odd that Chihuly’s colorful glass structures grow it the desert but think about it for a sec. What does the desert have a lot of? Sand. How do you make glass? With sand? What do you need a lot of to make glass out of sand? Heat. What does the desert have a lot of besides sand? Cactus. And heat. There’s a lot of heat in the desert. Bam: Chiluly’s glass sculptures grow in the desert. Makes perfect sense.

So what do you if you have some time to kill in Phoenix. You are probably going to want to go to the Desert Botanical Garden. Evidently all sorts of interesting crap grows out there in the desert. If you ever want to know about the 2,272 varieties of cactuses or cactii… gotta go. A good thing.

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