851. Denali


Now that’s a mountain!! Sure as far as North America goes there’s Shasta, Mount Hood, Ranier, Mount Whitney, and even the notoriously bad weathered Mount Washington in New Hampshire… all worthy climbs I’m sure. Maybe I’ll never get to do one. Maybe Hood is a possibility. I’ve got the crampons and ice axe but I probably should learn how to use them halfway competently first. But Danali. At just move 20K feet that’s a world class climb right there… and in America!

Top of North America

We’ve actually seen Denali which I guess is something rare in and of itself as only 10-30% or so get to see the oft cloud-shrouded mountain upon a park visit. Let me see if I can up the pic.

Our very own Private Denali

I started my love for this mountain early on as mountain climbing disaster books have always had a hold on me. Not sure how old I was when I read Denali’s Howl by Andy Hall but when I did I was hooked. Every time I see an impressive peak I’m in awe and wonder and want to be up in it but I know something like Denali is way out of my league. But still, it stands alone among American mountains. May you see it someday, a truly good thing.

Just in case you plan to climb it, you’ll need a map.

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