850. Cone-Headed Kyra

Cone-Headed Kyra

If you are reading this and don’t realize we have two Golden Retrievers by now, chances are you haven’t found a way to be my FaceBook friend by now. It’s okay. I’ll accept almost any friend request. Of course, if your profile features either of the following: Likes… Al Qaeda, ISIS, Trump.. maybe not. If your profile features you hanging a SA-7 or 14 or Stinger Basic over your shoulder and aiming for an A-10, also not so much. But other than that I’m fairly open to accepting friend requests from complete strangers. So back to Cone-Headed Kyra & why that’s a good thing.

What a Cone Head Won’t do for a Girl

So the background here. We have two Retrievers, brother and sister, litter mates. Kyra and Koufax. Cutesie K name sibs. It’s a thing. Ever know a family where all the offspring had the same first letter first names the same. It’s kinda like that. Kyra just sounds cool and of course Koufax is named after Sandy Koufax the greatest pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers/LA Dodgers known to man. It really came down to Koufax or Kinsler and shortly after we went to naming the dogs… Ian Kinsler one of the Texas Rangers’ greatest second basemen of all times got traded to the Detroit Tigers so it was fitting we went with Koufax.

Greatest Pitcher of all times??

But back to Cone-Headed Kyra. She has an issue that I won’t get into. For all of you who aren’t Golden Retriever owners, the breed has this predilection towards cancer. It’s a deal. And our history of dogs is that for some odd reason, they tend to get cancer around age 7. In our adult lives we haven’t had our dogs live beyond that age. I don’t know what that is all about. I take them running. Granted Hamlet the Golden Lab could have gotten it from Yuba City orchards where we ran and he would explore all the pools from the irrigation run-off and then there was Hailey….really not sure why this is a thing with us. But Kyra and Koufax are 7 and there’s a cancer scare with the girl dog. So she has a cone. And it causes her to not lick the spot that is a concern. So that’s a good thing right? We aren’t monsters for finding entertainment in her wearing a cone for two weeks are we?

The Cone of Shame and the Cone that causes no one else to access her food bowl. Matter of Perspective.
The Positive Aspects of the Cone of Shame

So through the miracle of modern science there is treatment for your pets. Sometimes that treatment includes cones. They become our family members, so treatment for medical problems is a good thing? Right? We shouldn’t feel guilty of the entertainment that the cone is providing as she runs into things realizing her head clearance is so much more than she’s used to. Okay you are right. We should feel guilty. The Cone-Headed Kyra, a good thing??? Right???

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