853. Dancing, like whenever

Courtney Fox’ Breakout Role, Not Friends

It doesn’t have to be in the dark. It can be in the morning, noon, evening, the middle of night. You can literally dance in all kinds of light conditions. Fed up with Covid quarantining? Had just about enough of the world trying to figure out what this virus is all about and how best to defeat it? Just dance man. Just dance.

Sometimes you get into the Orinoco Flow & vibe on Enya!!

Maybe it doesn’t feel so natural, maybe it doesn’t really fit your personality type. But sometimes when you have the house alone or when you are cleaning, doing the dishes, whatev’s, grab the ear buds, crank it up, or broadcast it in your house, and let the moves come naturally. It will make a mundane night and mundane tasks, all that much better. Let your freak flag fly. You know you got it, deep inside where it counts.

There’s this married couple that either goes by @cost_n_mayor or maybe Austin & Mar, who knows with the young kids these days? I assume it’s Austin and Margie or Margaret. One can’t be quite sure. But they have a dance studio right there in their own damn house. Kids? Who knows? They can no doubt feed themselves. But this couple looks like they are having fun together, real fun. Watching their dance routines proves infectious and addictive, at least for me. If you didn’t click on their picture or the link below it. Here are a few of their creations to ponder and behold: Ricky Desktop The Dice Beat, I’m a Pretty Boy, I’m Stunning, Mo Money, Mo Problems, and of course All About the Cake. They are just uber talented and hopefully are able to make some dollars off of it. Too good not to share. Wonder if they have a dancing background or just found each other and started enjoying doing those videos.

Now do you have to look like these dance moves below? No, no you do not.

Do not try these at home.

Chances are you may look more like this bored at home in the house bored, bored in the house ‘burb Dad Yahoo. Just do it, whether you are dancing naked in the house alone in the dark or among a group of friends 6 feet apart. Try to bust the moves around the house and just wait for a reaction from family members. It’s pretty priceless. And if they never react, if they never give you that joy of a look of disgust and wonder, keep dancing man, keep dancing. It’s cardio after all. A good thing!

What you waiting for? Stop reading this and bust a move. Go on. A good thing.

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