855. Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living spaces. Granted it doesn’t have to look like this. It can be simple. But outdoor living spaces is a Pinterest’ dream. Since Covid has struck I’ve claimed the back patio as working space. We have a fan out there for when it gets hot. The dogs play. I can watch the birds. Occasionally a cat comes by and the dogs go wild saving us from that cat taking over our house. Thank goodness for retrievers. This outdoor space has greatly improved my working life. Here it is:

Best Office Around

So Ma Sarah Swinn has done some creative things with her outdoor living space. She took a foundation from a torn down storage barn and put in some benches, chairs, planters, and plants, and bam… outdoor living space!

Check it

Some people have pizza ovens, some have TV’s, some have fire pits, fireplaces, the skies the limit or not…. if you want a roof you can have that too, no sky, no rain. Create and innovate. Live outdoors. Take a bath or shower our there, who cares? Well your neighbors might so get some screens first dude!!! Unless you live in a nudist colony and all.

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