857. Lil’ Mosey

Seattle’s Own Lil’ Mosey

This guys has been hugely successful early on. The reason he is a highlight here is that he is tied to Z&Me’s famous Las Vegas Road Trip to see the Lil’ Mosey live. It was one for the history books. We took a right through Twin Falls and didn’t look back until we reached Wells, Nevada in what was perhaps Nevada’s weirdest hotel. Yes, they did give us the key to a room that was already occupied. And then the next day after a rest station short nap, I tried to start up the Subaru Outbook and nada. Then yes, of course the Aussies or the Kiwis, one can never be quite sure showed up in rented Mustangs to give us a jump. That seemed to do the trick. On to the Hard Rock Hotel just in time to change and get ready to go to the Brooklyn Bowl for Lil’ Mosey.

Fu Shit by Mosey

We get there and of course had been listening to the Mosey on the way down. First impressions were that it kind of sounded a bit same-y between each songs but it was more laid back but with a flowing beat that kept the song moving. There was an easy summertime feeling to it. Mumble rap. I’m not sure how old Lil’ Mosey was when he got his start and got noticed. Pretty sure he was 15 or 16 or so.


So there we were at the Brooklyn Bowl, pretty cool place with a restaurant bar and bowling alley attached. We waited and ate in line. And when let in we secured a spot to the right of the stage front row. It was so much fun. The crowd of mostly what appeared to be aged 13 – 18 was super lively and super diverse and I’m pretty sure I was the oldest person there. The parents hung out at the bar area to the right of the stage and then there was me hanging out by the front row with Z. I kinda hung to the side and talked with the security guard.

Noticed Mosey Cole Bennett Directed

Mosey was lively appearing early on during the DJ opening set to get the crowd hyped, high above on the bowling alley balcony. The kids went wild. I enjoyed seeing Z get into and mixing it up with the crowd. But I also enjoyed being the Dad-like figure and these things happened. Some young gal says, hey does anybody have any gum? I say, oh, I do. So Z passes it to her. It was almost a full pack. She takes a stick but then proceeds to pass it around and it eventually got back to me with one stick left. Awesome. I also got asked a few times for a water run to the bar for the kids. Too fun for me. It was a great night and Lil’ Mosey is a good thing. I can honestly say I enjoy his music and listen to it on my own quite often.


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