863. Cliff Jumping

Z Taking a Flying Leap

Cliff jumping, as long as you live through it, a good and decent thing. We just got back from the Emmett Cliffs and it was just what the doctor ordered as a diversion from Covid shelter-in-placing. This place is unique in that I believe the water you are jumping into is a larger irrigation canal. You cross a bridge of sorts which is more than just a steel structure with about a 2 foot wide beam you walk across. Then there’s this little hike to get to the cliffs. There are several jumping off points where you can pick your poison from maybe 15 to 30 feet I’m guessing. The highest jump you have to clear this sagebrush and get far enough out into the canal so you don’t bottom out too close to the bank. A nice dip in the slowly flowing water carries you back to these bushes you have to find your way through, grab a rope, and climb out. That’s the hardest part. Here’s where it be:

Emmett Cliffs
Emmett Cliffs Closeup

Evidently Emmett, Idaho just 20 minutes drive into another world outside of Boise is the cliff jumping capital of the world. Okay, maybe not the world but around these parts, it’s pretty good. I have from a good source there’s the 5 Bridges of Gem County that’s all the good places to cliff jump. Even on Black Canyon Dam Lake, there’s some pretty hairy scary jumps. If you live through it, it’s quite the experience. A Good Thing.

Emmett Cliffs, Just run, jump, and don’t look back!

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