862. Art from the Phillipines

Ernest Concepcion

Granted this might seem obscure for a good thing but on Z&Me’s Good Things there’s been a supporter out there called Jan Paul who has a very interesting blog that can be found here. So it appears he is from the Philippines so I thought what better way to honor him & his country than to post something Philippine-centric.

Fernando Amorsolo

I’ve never been to the Philippines but many who have served in the Air Force have. I worked alongside “AF Chris” who grew up in the Philippines, on night shifts and he would talk to his wife on the phone in Tagalog and toss in a few English words along the way. From my understanding Tagalog is kind of a combination of languages & there’s a few things where English words are used in regular conversation. Fascinating. Chris & his wife would invite us over to their house every now & then & cook Lumpia. Super tasty! It’s rare throughout life that I’ve ran into nicer folks and hospitable as they were.

Ang Kiukok

Of all the artists of the Philippines, perhaps most interesting to me is Ang Kiukok. Here’s something about him:

Born to Chinese immigrants, Ang Kiukok is the pioneer of Philippine modern figurative expressionism. Rewarded as the country’s National Artist in 2001, he was one of the most successful commercial figures on the local art scene from the 1960s until his death from cancer in 2005. Like Amorsolo, his paintings are popular at auctions and have received exceptionally high bids at Sotheby’s and Christie’s. He is known for his distinct cubist and surrealist portrayals of the crucifixion of Christ and mother and child. However, he is acclaimed for his series of Fishermen at Sea, which connects both energy, faith and the struggle of fishermen under a vibrant crimson sun labouring together to bring in the haul for the day.

His notable works are represented in the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the National Historical Museum of Taipei and the National Museum in Singapore.

Eduardo Masferré

Just in case you were wondering where the Philippines were, just go to Vietnam & head East. Bring your swim fins though.

3 thoughts on “862. Art from the Phillipines

  1. Thank you so much for honoring me and my country. Thanks for shining a spot light on great arts of the Philippines. If you happen to be planning on visiting my country. I really recomment visiting the Mount Samat Cross, (the giant cross) I’ve been there and it is a really great structure. Perfect place to reflect on things… Thanks again. I really appreciate it🥰😍🤩


      1. Sure thing Jan Paul!! I’m amazed you found this stuff I put out into the world. When I was younger I used to submit what I wrote to journals, quarterlies, and thought it was fun to collect rejection letters. These days I write just for fun & for someone to actually find it from your country and read and interact with it… it’s humbling I guess to me. Peace.


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