865. Cano Cristales, The Rainbow River

The Rainbow River

There are places that exists in this world that seem so unbelievably extraordinary it’s hard to believe they are true. Places you may never get to see yourself but just knowing they are there makes the world seem like a magical place, still full of surprises. Cano Cristales or the Rainbow River in Columbia is one such place.

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The magic sauce of the Rainbow River is an aquatic plant called macarenia clavigera that needs just the right conditions to thrive. If the water is too deep it turns brown on the bottom, too shallow & it won’t grow. So where is it at in Columbia if you are planning to book tickets or, like me, are just a map-ophile?

Macarena National Park

So there it is, just get yourself to Bogota and head south maybe a slight easterly jog at the last moment. You may just have to pass through some historical FARC narco-terrorist territory but it might be fun, a little kidnapping, human trafficking and you can see how much price you may fetch for ransom. Fun right?

Might you be lucky enough to visit there someday, that would be something. But Cano Cristales, the Rainbow River, just existing in the world is a good thing.

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