864. Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls

Sticking with a water them for 864 of the Good Things, today we are going to the borderlands of Argentina and Brazil to the point where the Iguazú River endlessly and majestically pours over cliffs creating something uniquely beautiful.

Where does all the water come from?

13 million liters of water spill over the mile & a half wide breadth of the falls every second! Every second. Go grab a liter bottle of soda from you pantry. Go on, I’ll wait. Now take that bottle and just dump it out on your kitchen floor. Now take a week of vacation or two weeks and repeat that 13 million times. Sure your floor will be sticky and the neighbors are going to start complaining but during quarantine times this is the only way without traveling to Argentina and Brazil that I could come up with for you to gain an appreciation of the miracle of Iguazú Falls.

Take a Trip

I’m enjoying taking my mind to another place during these times. It seems like a healthy mental endeavor to research these fantastic places that exist around the world & imagine being there. When reality seems to heavy to bear, change your scenery, take a trip, if only in your mind.

Art of the Art of Nature, Meta

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