867. Munch’s The Scream

2020 Poster Child

If there ever was the face of the year 2020, it should be Edvar Munch’s neo-impressionistic Norwegian little egg head character in The Scream. I mean let’s review shall we? Globally, leaders are in charge of most countries based on anti-immigration, me-first policies, there’s a global pandemic going on, earthquakes in Idaho, police killing people, protests, rioting, no professional sports and the ones that do there’s no one in the stands, a national election that will prove to be uglier than the last between two old white men that it seems like no one really is that jazzed about being in charge… oh and The Bee Gees winning one of my FB musical tourneys!!! That’s the greatest travesty of all.

Where’s my toilet paper???

Let’s look on the bright side shall we? There’s nothing but negative energy in the mental exercise of listing all the things that add up to 2020 being a world class once in a lifetime shit year!!! Let’s take those lemons and mix up a tasty diabetes inducing drink of sweetness. No toilet paper? Through American ingenuity maybe we finally go French with the bidet. I mean really who enjoys wiping their ass knowing you are flushing away some type of horrendous carbon copy unfriendly to the environment practice of flushing away re-processed trees? National elections? Let’s see this instead as a way to get out their on social media and de-friend anyone who disagrees with our posts that just confirm the way we believe already. It could lead to deep listening and understanding but who needs that. You expect Biden to win? Make a run on ammo and guns to prep for an upcoming civil war because you are convinced that America will become socialist and isn’t that after all reason enough to ditch your life long relationships in the interest of fear.

Killer Llamas are a Real Thing, Just Scream

So why is The Scream a good thing? Well through Art it may express who we collectively feel in 2020. Take a step further and don’t just leave yourself with that anxiety and neg feelies. Find a way to laugh at it. Search up some Memes or watch Parks and Rec, The Office, Napoleon Dynamite, Community… and seek out the humor. There’s your lemonade friends.

Click this. Laugh!!

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